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Solicitation Policyin Residence Halls

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Responsible University Officer: 

Marie Wisner

Jim Benjamin - Associate Dean of Students

Policy Contact: 

Marie Wisner

Jim Benjamin -




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in Residence Halls



solicitation is permitted in any residence

and students are not allowed to operate a business (such as babysitting/childcare, multi-level marketing, etc.), sell any kind of merchandise, solicit subscriptions or engage in any kind of commercial activity anywhere on the university campus

without the written permission of the associate dean of students

. Permission will not be given to businesses that 1) compete with campus vendors; 2) use the university computer network, servers, computers, bandwidth, etc


; 3) take up large amounts of university facility space; or 4) use university resources.

If you see someone soliciting products, please ask them if they have received permission. Solicitation includes selling or distributing free materials door-to-door, and group parties such as Amway®, Mary Kay®, Tupperware®, etc. Individuals from off campus desiring personal information about residents should be referred to the associate dean

of students

for residence life.