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 The weapons prohibition set forth above further extends to all Bethel faculty, staff, and student sponsored off-campus activities, including business, academic, sporting or leisure activities, related travel, or any other events that take place as part of the academic, student life, or business functions of the university. This prohibition against possession of weaponry explicitly applies to those traveling in vehicles owned or operated by Bethel or Bethel personnel.

 Bethel security and safety  Bethel Safety & Security personnel and student life staff members are authorized to make reasonable inquiries and searches as necessary to enforce this policy on Bethel property and off campus at Bethel sponsored events. Any individual who is found in violation of this policy and has a weapon on campus will be required to immediately remove it from campus or store it with Bethel Security. Any unsecured weapon or ammunition may be confiscated and secured by security and safety by Safety & Security personnel and will be relinquished to local law enforcement in the event the owner is not present.