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Student Life Vision Statement


Responsible University Officer: William Washington - Vice President for Student Life 

Policy Contact: William Washington; 

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Student Life Vision Statement

The vision of the Bethel University Office of Student Life is built upon the mission, vision, and values of the institution; the foundation of beliefs espoused in the Covenant for Life Together; and the theories and practices of the disciplines represented within student life. Within the context of Christian higher education, we seek to be Christ-followers, character builders, truth-seekers, learners, reconcilers, world-changers, and salt and light, and to influence students to embrace these core values in their own lives. Our purpose is to impact students in ways that result in transformational learning, producing change characterized by wisdom and maturity.

Student life is a collaborative partner in developing students for life in Christ. A life in Christ is reflected in the maturity and wisdom of personal thoughts and choices; loving and just interactions with others; and loving God with all one’s heart, mind, soul, and strength. A multifaceted partner in collaboration with academics and campus ministries, student life comprises both programmatic and service strategies for involvement in students’ lives. Student life outcomes are reflected in the following areas:

• individual student developmental outcomes;

• program and service interface within the division (e.g., between athletics and health services);

• program and service interface with our education partners outside the division (e.g., between residence life and campus ministries); and

• specific program and service oriented outcomes.

For an expanded version of this vision statement that includes endnotes, please contact the Office of Student Life.