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Campus Demonstration Guidelines

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Last Updated: 4/7/2011

Responsible University Officer: Marie Wisner -Dean of Students

Policy Contact: Marie Wisner:

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Campus Demonstration Guidelines

Bethel University believes in the importance of freedom of expression and in the value of permitting all members of the university community to publicly express support for or opposition to issues and actions. It is for the protection of these activities that the following guidelines have been established:

  • On-campus groups wishing to demonstrate on the Bethel University campus must submit their plan to the Office of Student Life and receive approval at least 24 hours in advance of the demonstration. 

  • Groups may submit their plans

  • for a campus demonstration in the Office of Student Life. 

  • Plans submitted to the Office of Student Life should include the

name and contact information of the organizer(s),  number
  • number of people

expected to be
  • involved, and the location, time, and purpose of the demonstration. 

  • All protests should be peaceful and respectful of other members of the community and campus property. 

The Office of Student Life has the right to discontinue any protests or demonstrations not in compliance with these guidelines. Off-campus


protesters are not permitted to participate in a demonstration on the campus without advance permission from the Office of Student Life and may be asked to leave campus at the discretion of Office of Security and Safety

and Security

personnel or staff members of the Office of Student Life.

Policy Contact: