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Overall responsibility for all fundraising rests with the Bethel University Office of Advancement.

All fundraising activities where off-campus individuals, businesses, or organizations are contacted require the authorization of the Associate Vice President for Development. Permission will be granted for fundraising that does not interfere with normal Bethel University fundraising activities and only if funds are to be raised for a purpose consistent with university objectives. All solicitations for gifts of any kind are to be conducted under the direction of the Office of Advancement.

Faculty and Staff should follow guidelines for grant/fundraising requests processed directly with the Office of Advancement. 

Student fundraising projects must meet the following guidelines and students should complete the online form to begin the fundraising process:

  1. All fundraising projects must have prior approval from the Office of Student Life. (The fundraising request form is linked belowabove and at the bottom of this page.) 

  2. Projects must be sponsored by a Bethel entity (academic department, official club, organization, etc.). 

  3. Public sales (t-shirt sales, flower sales, etc.) will not be conducted until the organization has sought funding through other channels (Student Senate, intramural funding, etc.). 

  4. No organization shall conduct more than two fundraising projects during an academic year. 

  5. Fundraising projects shall not be in direct competition with Sodexo or the campus store. All sales of any kind must be submitted to the director of conference and event services. 

  6. All required signatures must be obtained before the project start date. 

Campus organizations should seek to fund their activities in an orderly manner through membership dues, student government funding, budget processes, etc. Solicitation from the Bethel community and from entities outside the Bethel community should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Students should complete the online form to begin the fundraising request process.

Policy Contact:

  • Associate Vice President for Development  

    • Jeanne Osgood