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July 01, 2019 


Bethel University and Bethel University Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Bethel”)


recognizes that some


departments and/or offices may require the use of a cell


phone (hereinafter referred to as "shared cell phones") to perform their functions efficiently. The purpose of this


policy is to ensure that


departments and/or offices agree and accept the terms and conditions under which a shared cell phone may be provided


Guidelines for Cell Phone Requests

Requests for cell phones must be based upon the following guidelines and approved by the employee’s Vice President or similar organizational equivalent:

  • Position requires an immediate form of communication.
  • Position requires substantial communication while away from the office.

Guidelines for Data Plan Requests

  • Position requires synching of calendar and contact information.
  • Position requires continuous access to email or online resources while away from the office.

Guidelines for Transfer of Personal Phone Numbers and Cell Phones

  • For approved requests, Bethel may transfer a personal cell phone number to a Bethel provided phone. If the employee’s contract with the previous carrier is not satisfied, the employee will be responsible for any fines, fees or penalties1
  • At the end of employment, if a cell phone number is not permanently assigned to a particular job or position (e.g., resident directors) Bethel may allow the phone number to be transferred to a personal account.
  • At the end of employment, an employee may request to keep a cell phone unit by contacting the ITS Help Desk. If the device was recently purchased and may be re-issued ITS reserves the right not to release the phone. All phones and data on phones owned by Bethel remain the sole property of the University. 

Guidelines for Partial Reimbursement of a Personal Cell Phone Plan

Bethel may allow partial reimbursement for personal cell phone plans under the following conditions:

  • Use of a reimbursed personal phone is subject to the same guidelines for usage described herein.
  • Maximum monthly reimbursement: $25.00. (Rare exceptions may be approved by the department's Vice President.)
  • Monthly reimbursements will be automatically posted to the employee’s internal Bethel account.

Guidelines for Usage of Bethel Provided or Reimbursed Cell Phone

  • It is illegal for drivers to read/compose/send text messages and emails, or access the Internet using a wireless device while the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic —including stopped in traffic or at a traffic light. Cell phone use is totally banned for school bus drivers. Bethel prohibits its employees from using either a Bethel provided cell phone for any purpose or a Bethel reimbursed cell phone for any business purpose while operating a motor vehicle. This prohibition includes the use of hands-free devices. If cell phone communication is required while in a motor vehicle, an employee is required to either stop in a safe location or have another person drive.

  • Bethel employees are responsible for any phone and data overages not related to Bethel business, including overseas calls or roaming.

  • Calls to 411 should be kept to a minimum. The cost of this service is approximately $1.99 per call. Any charges for personal 411 calls should be reimbursed by contacting the ITS Help Desk for costs and a personal check made out to the billed department.

  • Text and picture messaging is only included in cell phone plans with data. Accordingly, text and picture messaging on standard cell phones should be used only when required for business. Fees for non-business related text or picture messaging should be reimbursed by contacting the ITS Help Desk for costs and a personal check made out to the billed department.

1 Bethel may choose to pay an applicable fine if wireless synching is essential to the employee position in order to protect the security of Bethel’s ITS service.

. This policy does not address employee compensation for personal cellphone use. For information regarding cellphone use compensation (stipends), please see Human Resources.

Guidelines for Cell Phone Requests

  • Department heads will need to request shared cell phones through their Cabinet representative for consideration by Cabinet. 
  • ITS will be notified of approved requests by Cabinet prior to ordering or activating cellular service. 

Guidelines for Usage of a Shared Cell Phone

  • Any and all use of a shared cell phone must be done in compliance with local, State and Federal regulations. 

  • All shared cell phones are subject to monitoring and mobile device management which includes the ability to remotely configure or disable the device. 
  • No shared cell phone should be used outside of the U.S. without prior notification to Information Technology Services.