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•    Annually at the start of each new CAS academic year a joint message to students will go out from the Dean of Students and Community Life and the CIO informing students about college policy related to the use of copyright-protected materials and the steps Bethel will take to enforce its policies.

•    In order to use college computing resources, all members of the Bethel Community must endorse a Network-Use Policy that includes a section on copyright compliance.
•    Each fall new students will attend a workshop during
•    Students are required to take a technology orientation in which copyright law and these requirements are discussed.

•    Annually residence life staff members discuss formally and informally our policies regarding the distribution and use of copyrighted materials.
•    Annual briefing to governance bodies such as the Bethel Information Technology Governance Committee, the Information Security Committee and the University Technology Advancement Committee. 

2. Institutions certify to the Secretary of Education that they have developed plans to “effectively combat” the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.
Bethel’s response: