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  1. Download the DMG containing the installer using this link:  Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer.dmg
  2. Double-Click on the "Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer.dmg" file you downloaded to open it.

  3. Double-Click (control+click) on the "Bethel Follow-Me-Printer.pkg" file.
  4. Run through all the steps in the installer to complete the install.

If a Mac printing job says "Hold for Authentication", click the refresh circle on the right and re-enter your Bethel credentials. You do not need to include "" after your username. 

titleDirect Print Queues

Download an installer below if your printer has a direct print queue. Then follow steps 2-4 above.
You will have to authenticate with your Bethel credentials to download the installer. 

titleTroubleshooting Steps for Mac

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  1. Navigate to your printers and scanners. From there click the option to ‘add printer’ (it will be a ‘+’ symbol)
  2. A screen similar to the one above will appear. If you do NOT see the ‘Advanced’ tab, you will need to add it by right clicking (or control+click) an open area and selecting ‘customize toolbar’ from the list. Then drag the Advanced icon from the menu that pops up to your toolbar.
  3. Change your Type to ‘LPD/LPR Host or Printer’ as shown in the above image.
  4. The URL will look similar to the above but you will need to replace a few items based on our current setup.
  5. lpd://[Bethel username]@
    1. Replace [Bethel username] above with whatever you use to login to Bethel systems, minus the [] portion.
  6. Finally, the default name will be the IP address. Rename it to something more familiar like ‘Follow Me Printer’.