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Superseded previous version of policy May 2014


Bethel University Information Technology Services (ITS) provides computing equipment and repair services for the Bethel University staff and faculty as described in this article.  

Employee Hardware Service Level Agreement Details

ITS will provide eligible employees with one primary computer and display that will meet their job requirements. For most users this would be a standard Windows desktop and monitor.  ITS will upgrade the computer on an upgrade cycle based on factors such as budget, OS compatibility, and the ability of the hardware to meet job related needs. ITS annually assesses the computing needs of employees in the Spring and then contacts eligible employees to upgrade their computers during the summer upgrade cycle.

ITS provides four levels of computing hardware for employees. Full time employee status is based off of an academic year threshold .75 FTE.

  • Full Time Employee - Standard user
  • Full Time Employee - High End User
  • Part -Time Staff
  • Adjunct Faculty

Mac computers: 

Due to the significantly higher cost of Mac computers and the additional support load, employees are eligible to select a Mac as their primary computer only if their position specifically requires it.  In general, Mac computers would be limited to employees in Music, Art, Theater, Communications, IC, or other areas where the professional community is Mac-centric.


  • Employees are eligible to select a laptop as their primary computer if their job requirements specify the mobility of a laptop for a significant portion of their job.  Employees needing a laptop for a limited portion of their position such as temporarily working from home, infrequently giving a presentation or traveling can check out a laptop from the checkout pool to meet that need.
  • As the laptop's display is considered the ITS provided primary display, employees wanting an external monitor would incur a departmental chargeback for it as it would be considered a secondary monitor.
  • ITS will replace laptop batteries at no cost during the initial upgrade period once they no longer hold a charge for more and an hour of run time.

Specialized equipment:

Specialized equipment may require an outside service contract if support is necessary. Such equipment includes, but is not limited to, digital cameras, copiers, multi-function printers, scanners, and test scanners. ITS is not responsible for the cost of outside service contracts.


Full Time Employee - Standard User

Full time employee standard users would primarily use their computers for such applications as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, SPSS, FileMakerPro, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and InDesign, and such web applications such as INB Banner, Argos, Google Apps, and general Internet use. These computers would range from new to three years old based on existing stock and typically upgraded on a 5 to 6 year upgrade cycle.

Full Time Employee - High End User

Full time employee high end users would use their computers for specialized applications for high end mathematical analysis, computer modeling/simulations often used by MathCS, Chemistry, and Physics departments as well as production level graphic and video editing done by the Art and Communications departments.  These computers would have upgraded RAM, graphics, processors, hard drives, and laptop screen size and upgraded on a 4 to 5 year upgrade cycle. Departments are responsible for the cost of any upgrades beyond the standard computer models. 

Part-Time Staff

Part-time staff work have less than .75 FTE and would be deployed standard level computer equipment that would range from 2 to 5 years old and be upgraded on a 5 to 7 year cycle depending on work requirements and .FTE level.

Adjunct Faculty:

Adjunct faculty with an FTE of .3 or more for the academic year are eligible for an adjunct faculty level computer.  Some adjunct faculty are assigned an adjunct office by the Academic Affairs which has a multiuser adjunct computer deployed to it.  These computers would range from 2 to 5 years old and be upgraded on a 5 to 7 year cycle.

Employee Hardware Service Level Agreement Fees

Cost for requests exceeding standard configuration will be paid by the individual's department.  Items exceeding standard configuration include, but are not limited to, external drives, flash drives, scanners, printers, LCD flat panel displays, docking stations, and extra AC power adapters.

Repair service is free of charge for non-specialized equipment tagged with a Bethel University Information Technology Inventory Sticker.  If equipment does not have a Bethel University Information Technology Inventory Sticker, then it will not be supported by ITS. 

Bethel's policy on lost, stolen, or misused computers can be found in this KB article.

In the event of either accidental damage (drops, liquid spills, etc.) to the computer, provided by the institution to the employee, or theft of the computer taken off campus, the employee's department will be responsible to contribute 50% of the cost of repair/replacement of the system.  ITS will cover the remaining 50% of the cost.

The cost of repairing/replacing system components that fail under normal wear and tear will continue to be covered fully by ITS.  Theft of computers that happen on campus will also be fully covered by ITS.   

Data Storage on Employee Hardware

In an effort to save time and frustration of multiple visits for system repair, ITS may swap out the system needing repair.  For this reason, it is essential for users to store their data on the file server or Google Drive, rather than on the computer's hard drive. Also, individual hard drives are prone to failure, and there is no backup made of data stored on hard drives.  Thus, it is important to store data on the Bethel file servers. Please refer to for the location of your home directory on the file server.  


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