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This is a guide in how to record a greeting announcement and or informational announcement for your particular department phone group. Once the recording has been completed it will then need to be emailed to an ITS staff member and they will complete the configuration.

Step-by-step guide

You can do this from any phone and does NOT NEED to be on campus.

  1. Open a web browser page to: and click the "click Here" link.

  2. You will then be asked to name the file and supply and email address.

  3. Next, Call the number that is shown on your screen and enter the Recording ID when prompt. Once that is done follow the voice prompts for further instructions. Once you are satisfied with your recording and saved it you can click the "Download" button.  NOTE - Image below is an example.

  4. Once you click the "Download" button you should be prompted to save the file and choose a location (remember where) on your computer.

  5. Finally, you will need to email that file to an ITS staff member, if you are unsure who specifically please call the Service Desk at: 651-638-6500