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  On your university-owned laptop, to access SPSS when you travel or are not plugged into the university wired network; follow the procedures below to grant yourself a temporary Commuter License.This license will reside on your laptop and allow access to SPSS for the time granted that you will not be plugged into the university wired network.

Note: SPSS has changed its name from SPSS to PASW and now to IBM SPSS. The names are synonymous with the each other.

Details-Commuter License Instructions (Windows) Mac Instructions

Requirements: SPSS must be installed on your laptop computer before you can install a commuter license. See the instructions on the SPSS webpage.

  1.  Plug your laptop into the wired campus network.

  2. Click on the Start Menu Programs and open the folder named IBM SPSS Inc.

  3. Select the IBM SPSS Statistics 21 Commuter License.

  4. In the Commuter Utility window, select IBM SPSS Statistics (1200) 19.0.

  5. Enter the number of days that you need the license validated in the Duration box. You can choose a maximum of 7 days.

  6. Select the Check Out button. After Checkout, you will now see a red check mark and the license amount decreased by 1 (for the current day). You can now use SPSS without being plugged into the Bethel network.

    NOTE: If you receive an ERROR 84 please visit the help desk as they will need to log in as an administrator to check out the first time which fixes the permissions so that subsequent checkouts work on that computer.

  7. When you return to the Bethel network, plug the computer into the university wired network.

  8. Open the SPSS Commuter License program.

  9. Select IBM SPSS Statistics (1200) 21.0 and press the Check in button. The license will be returned to the license pool and is available for others
     to use.

    Note: when the duration of days for your license expires, SPSS will no longer run. You will need to renew the license (below).

  10. To renew your license, return to the university; plug your laptop into the wired campus network and repeat the steps above.



Details-Commuter License Instructions (Mac)

  1. Go to your Applications folder (on your laptop)
  2. Find IBM > SPSS > Statistics > Version number > Commuter (or just search for Commuter Utility in the Finder (Command-f) 

  3. Select the version.
  4. Set the Duration up to  a maximum of 7 days.
  5. Click Check out.