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Bethel University and Seminary students and employees are welcome to bring personal computers for use on campus and in the classroom. However, since campus systems and settings may be different from settings used for connection to your home Internet Service Provider, compatibility with campus systems is not a certainty. The following lay out ITS policy. 

ITS will not set up your personal computer for use on campus. The reason for this is that often the settings that are needed for you to connect to your home ISP could be mistakenly changed. Only you understand these settings and if we changed them, you could spend hours on the phone to your ISP trying to undo the changes. So if you make changes to your system, you are liable for those changes if problems should arise. 

ITS will provide you with written instructions on how to set up a typical system to connect to the campus network and in class projection systems. You may also request a TA or a Faculty Instructional Technology Consultant to walk you through the set-up procedure.

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