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Bethel University Policy
Off-Campus Electronic Resource Access for Retirees
Spring 2010 

To recognize the valuable service retirees have given the university, to enable them to enjoy appropriate electronic services and to stay in contact with the university, and for the university to be able to communicate with them, the following policy has been approved.

Bethel will provide retirees continued off-campus access to the following resources via their Bethel Community Accounts (BCA).
• Library access which includes reference service and searching the online catalog. For contractual reasons, proprietary databases will be available only on-campus. Information about additional services and access to many online databases is available at and

• Blink
• Email forwarding

BCA’s will be closed after one year of no activity. 

This service offers the continued use of the net ID and email alias in place at the time of retirement. However, the university will not provide email storage. While the Bethel email alias will remain useful for others to contact them, retirees will have to implement email forwarding to an outside email account. The retiree’s ability to create and store email using Bethel’s email system will be removed 60 days after retirement.  

All email stored on Bethel’s servers belongs to the university. However, during the 60-day grace period retirees may forward any personal stored messages that they wish to retain. Work-related messages should be kept or deleted according to Bethel’s data retention policy (under construction). Under no circumstances should the retiree maintain copies of work-related messages in any other location. 

If automated help is desired to move one’s messages from Bethel’s email system to an external system, consider the service found at .  For a $15 fee, the referenced vendor will move mail to many providers such as gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Mobile Me, Charter, CompuServe and many others.  

Note: When on campus, retirees are welcome to visit the library to access resources available to all library guests.

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