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Important Note: In the summer of 2012 Bethel University ITS completed its upgrade cycle to Windows 7 and phased out Windows XP support. Although this document may be accurate still it will no longer be updated, maintained or supported.


The following steps indicate how to connect to bsp-nas while off campus using Microsoft Windows XP. For information on how to connect from on campus or another Operating System please reference the following KB article. If you would like to connect to a specific share (folder) instead of the general network path used in this article please see for specific paths you have access to.


  1. Click on the Start menu and right-click My Computer. Select Map Network Drive...

  2. Click Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server.

  3. In the Add Network Place Wizard click Next.

  4. Double-click Choose another network location (or select it and click Next).

    Depending on your version of Windows XP and settings there may be additional options then in the above image.

  5. Under Internet or network address type: and click Next.

  6. If you would like, provide the network location with a name and click Next.
    Note: the default name is

  7. In the login window that appears type: bu\username* and your password into the appropriate fields.
    Click Remember my password if you would like your information saved for future access.
    *e.g. bu\abc12345

  8. Check Open this network location when I click Finish then click Finish.

  9. In some cases you will be asked to login again. If this happens please repeat step 7.

  10. A window should now appear on your screen. Select the Departmental or Home share (folder) you would like to access.
    *e.g. The home folder for the username abc12345 would be located in the HomeA folder.