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Monson Dining Center Advertising

Related Policies:

Advertising Guidelines

Responsible University Officer: 

Policy Contact: David Walden:

Monson Dining Center Advertising

Table Tents

  1. All materials posted on the tables of the Monson Dining Center must be approved by the main offices of Dining Services.

  2. A calendar is maintained in the office to regulate the number of table tents and others materials on the table at the same time. A log is also maintained in the office to record the group name, phone, and other contact information for each item that is placed on the tables.

  3. Print the correct quantity of table tents: 90 for Monson Dining Center (includes upper and lower levels) and 40 for 3900 Grill.

  4. All materials must be printed on study enough cardstock to remain standing for the whole time they are on the tables. Materials printed on regular paper are not accepted.

  5. All materials posted must be no bigger than the size of an 8½" x 11" sheet of cardstock folded in half. Smaller sized postings are also encouraged.

  6. All materials will be removed at the end of each week by the Dining Services staff.

  7. Any materials that are soiled with food or are unapproved will immediately be removed by the Dining Services staff.

Posting Announcements on the Visix Flatscreens

Contact David Walden in Dining Services at 651.635.8578 if you are interested in using this venue of advertising.

Hallway Area Near 3900 Grill

Due to traffic, security, and location, this floor space can only be used by Sodexo for related advertising needs.  If you are interested in using a table for advertising in the Brushaber Commons, consider submitting a Commons Promo Table Request.


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