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Notification of Parents

If a student is seriously ill or has threatened or attempted suicide, official notification of the parents is at the discretion of student life staff. This policy assumes dependent status of students under 22 years of age unless the university is notified otherwise.

Medical Clearance Policy

Prior to clearing a student to return to campus, the Office of Student life desires for students to have proper support. As such, if a student has been hospitalized for physical or mental health reasons, they must complete Bethel’s medical clearance process (as stated below) prior to being eligible to resume coursework or return to campus housing.

1.    The student should contact a dean in the Office of Student Life. Someone may reach out to the student or parents directly if the student is transported from campus.

2.    The Office of Student Life will ask that the student sign a release of information between the treating hospital or medical provider and both, Bethel’s Director of Counseling Services and Health Services.

3.    The Director of Counseling Services will provide the Office of Student life with any necessary information regarding the student’s hospitalization, diagnosis, and the medical recommendation of the readiness of the student to return to housing and coursework.

4.    The assigned dean from Student Life will be in contact with the student following release from the treating clinic or hospital.

Following completion of the above steps, an authorized dean in the Office of Student life will make a final decision whether the student will be permitted to return; whether the student will need to withdrawal or stop-out; or whether more information is needed. 

Policy Contact:

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