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Proof of Insurance

Bethel University requires all undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences to have health insurance.  The insurance plan must have a minimum coverage of $50,000 for each accident or sickness ($90,000 for inter-collegiate athletes), and can be through a family plan, an individual plan, or the health plan Bethel makes available. All students must provide this information by completing an online waiver form.   

If the waiver form is not completed, a student insurance policy will automatically be purchased and charged to the student's account. The charge is not refundable. 

Students access this online form through their MyBethel account.  (MyBethel > Tools & Resources > Banner > Login to Bethel University's Self-Service Banner System > Student tab > Student Health > Insurance Waiver Form.)  All students must either provide their current health insurance information (health insurance company name, policy number, and policy holder’s name) OR indicate that they would like to purchase the insurance plan that Bethel sponsors.

For more information about the Bethel sponsored insurance plan, or for more information about this requirement, please visit 

Insurance Requirements for Student Athletes

Rates for Student Assurance Services’ current school year's plan can be found at

More Information on Health Insurance

For more information, contact Health Services at  or 651.635.8532 (800.255.8706, ext. 8532).


Policy Contact:

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