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*Fall 2020 Expectations*

External (non-Bethel) Visitors

  • Students who request to have a guest on campus must complete the Campus Visitor Request form for each visitor. The form includes the Health Screening questions. 
  • Health screening questions of all visitors will occur at the Security Checkpoint.
  • Visitors are not permitted on campus if they have had known exposure to persons with COVID-19 within the past 14 days, or who are exhibiting symptoms of illness consistent with COVID-19. 
  • All visitors will be required to show Bethel or government-issued identification in order to enter the campus at the Security Checkpoint. 
  • Guests are expected to abide by Bethel policies.
  • Hosts are responsible for informing their guests of all policies and are responsible for their behavior.

For Fall 2020, no overnight guests are permitted. 

Internal Visitors (Other Bethel students, staff, or faculty who do not live in a student’s residence hall) 

  • Members of the Bethel community are permitted to visit other apartments/rooms in housing on any day that they pass the screening questions about COVID-19 symptoms and exposure
  • All visitation hours and housing policies still apply. 
  • Students must limit the total number of people in their apartment/rooms at one time. The number cannot exceed two more than the designed occupancy of the apartment: A total of
    • 3 people in an efficiency apartment (single)
    • 4 people in a one-bedroom apartment/double-occupancy room
    • 6 people in a two-bedroom apartment; and
    • 7 people in a three-bedroom apartment.
  • Social distancing throughout the space is important when gathering, particularly in common living/dining room space.
  • When gathering in each other's apartments for more than 15 minutes in close contact, students are strongly encouraged to wear masks per the current CDC recommendations.

Failure to comply with this policy and other University expectations could result in cancellation of the students housing lease and/or a fine.

*These expectations are updated because of the current COVID-19 climate. As the situation evolves, expectations may change and will be communicated to students.

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