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Commons Promo Table Request


Who can request a Commons promo table?

The primary purpose of the commons table is for compass advertising. They are available to Bethel employees, Bethel students, and off-campus groups who desire to advertise to the Bethel community M-F 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. If your purpose for advertising does not fall under the “ministry, employer, non-profit” umbrella, you are required to pay a usage fee of $50/day per table reservation. This requirement includes students selling products for personal gain and also political candidates looking to campaign on-campus. Checks should be written to 'Bethel University' and received by Sara Wanous before the display table request is approved. Her mailing address:

Sara Wanous RE: display table request

Bethel University #2388
3900 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112

How do I request the use of a promo table?

  • Bethel employees, request a promo table through virtual EMS on Blink(Campus Services tab > Campus Services - Quick Links channel > Room Request). If you have not used this program before, you may want to contact Brian Metcalf to learn when the next training session will occur (; 651.638.6107).
  • Bethel students request a display table through the Loft receptionists (; 651.638.6113).
  • Off-campus groups:

    • Find an appropriate BU department or office to sponsor your request (to vouch for its appropriateness for campus). If you need suggestions for doing this, contact Sara Wanous
    • The BU sponsor will give you further instructions on the next step to coordinate the submission of your request to use a display table.

What should I know before I decide to advertise using a promo table?

      **Purpose of Commons Table is for advertisement.**

  1. The limit is one table per presentation for up to three days.
  2. When reserved, these four tables are located along the brick wall in the courtyard area of Brushaber Commons.
  3. Table reservations are available beginning the first day of classes in the fall and ending the last day of classes in the spring. Tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of online request.
  4. Playing music is allowed at a reserved Commons table, but there are some guidelines. In preparation for your presentation, consider that there may be up to three other presenters at nearby tables. Please plan to consult with the other presenters on an acceptable volume. If there are no other presenters, please consult with the Office of Student Life front desk on an acceptable volume. When choosing your music selections, consider the Bethel community and choose appropriate music. If you'd like to discuss your music selections and their appropriateness for the Bethel community, consult your advisor and/or sponsoring department.
  5. Consider allergies! Please note, due to severe allergies on campus no latex balloons are allowed on Bethel’s campus.
This venue for advertising is overseen by the Commons managers in the Loft (BC 4th floor, left of the stairway/elevators). Any questions about these guidelines should be directed to Sara Wanous

Policy Contact:

Policy Contact: Sara Wanous -

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