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TextHelp™ accessibility software help people to read, write, and communicate with confidence. Bethel provides memberships with features for Read&Write and basic OrbitNote to all Bethel university students, staff and faculty with a Bethel email address. Add the Read&Write and OrbitNote extensions to your toolbar by clicking the links in the box below.

Name of Software


Extension Icon on Toolbar

Read&Write for Google Chrome ExtensionWorks in Google Drive, Google Classroom, websites in Chrome browser and Moodle. 

OrbitNote (PDF Toolbar) For Google Chrome ToolbarWorks on PDF, ePub files, Google Drive, Google Classroom, websites in Chrome browser, and Moodle. 


To install the software, choose Google Chrome Extension or the desktop/iPad versions, then follow the directions for installation below. 

Google Chrome Extension

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your Bethel email account
  2. Download the Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Add extension to your toolbar (video tutorial for reference) by clicking the Chrome extensions icon (gray or purple puzzle piece) and selecting the pin next to the extension icon. 
  4. Pin the extension to your Chrome toolbar by clicking on pin. The pin will turn blue once it is pinned.

Desktop and iPad Versions

  1. Go to Text Help webpage 
  2. Select “Try Read & Write” 
  3. Select the application that you’d like to use and follow download prompts:

Video Resources 

TextHelp has many training resources including an overview of the Read&Write for Google Chrome Tools or click below for individual videos by feature:

- text to speech
- check-it
- prediction
- dictionary
- audio maker
- screen masking
- screen input
- translator
- collect highlights
- vocabulary 
- simplify 
- practice reading

OrbitNote Quick Reference Guide

Texthelp also has a YouTube page of video resources including a Read&Write overview.

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