This network is only accessible by Students, Staff, and Faculty. The following instructions will work for macOS, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. Android devices work a little differently so you can see those at the bottom of the page.

  1. Find "Bethel" in your network connections on your device (phone, laptop, tablet)

  2. Enter your Bethel Community Account Username and Password (same things you use to login to MyBethel)

  3. Accept or Trust the certificate prompt.

Android 11

As of Dec 2020 and Android 11 and newer versions the CA certification: "Do not Validate" option is no longer available. As such, these devices will need to use the Bethel-Guest network until our authentication server is setup properly for these devices.

Earlier version of Android will still have the option available and can use it to connect to Bethel.

  1. Select the Bethel network on your Android device you will be given a screen that looks like this:

  2. Your settings should match the screenshot above.

  3. Add your Username to the Identity field and Password to the Password field. Anonymous Identity can remain blank.

  4. Click Connect.