Hot Potatoes - Creating Quizzes for Import into Moodle Quizzes or Into Moodle HotPot


Hot Potatoes software allows you to make interactive assessments for students.  The quizzes are made on your local computer and then can be imported into Moodle or shared on websites.

Hot Potatoes Manual (pdf)

Hot Potatoes Home Page

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Install Hot Potatoes on your Computer

Download Java Hot Potatoes:

When you first start up Hot Potatoes, it will ask you for your user name. This name is stored on your computer, and not sent to anyone; it will be inserted into your exercises to identify you as the author. You must provide a user name before you can use all the features of Hot Potatoes.

Create your Hot Potatoes Quiz and Save

Upload  your quiz into Moodle HotPot Activity

More information about Adding/editing a hotpot (Moodle docs)

Add an activity or resource
Select HotPot

Upload your HotPot file.
Set Settings as appropriate and click Save.
And the resulting quiz should display


Import  your quiz into Moodle Quiz

To use this option you must 
Select Question bank from the Course or Quiz Administration and select Import
For the File format select Hot Potatores XML format
Upload your saved Hot Potatoes file and click Import

Moodle confirms the import process is completed and next just click Continue.

You can then click the Edit quiz or Preview links under Quiz Administration to edit or review your imported quiz.



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