How to Edit your Moodle Profile Settings


Your profile in Moodle is where your personal information and picture reside.  Some of the information can be customized by individuals.

Step by Step Tutorial

Log into Moodle at or click on the “Moodle” icon in the MyBethel homepage.

Students and instructors can edit their user profile by following these steps:

Option 1: From any Moodle page: Click on your name in the upper right corner of Moodle and select Profile.

Option 2: From within a course: Click on your Name link in the People block, click on the Participants link, and then click on your name.


1.  In the User details section, click on "Edit profile."

2. Update information as appropriate. 

3. Click "Update profile" to complete

Note: your web browser program may "hold onto" the old version even after you upload or change the picture.  If you see the new picture in your profile, then just clear your browser cache and the new picture should show up.