The EMS Terminal Server is used to allow users access to the EMS Desktop Client without it being installed specifically on their PC.

Access to this server requires membership to the CES - EMS Remote Access Users group. If access is needed, follow these instructions to make a group request in IAM. 


Install Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • click this link to open the Mac App Store and install Microsoft Remote Desktop


  • on your Mac, open the App Store
  • search for and install Microsoft Remote Desktop

Configure Remote Desktop

  • open the newly installed Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • click the '+' button labeled 'New'
  • fill out the new window with the following information: 
    • Connection name: EMS Terminal
    • PC name:
    • User name: bu\<your_username>
    • Password: leave blank
    • uncheck "use all monitors"
    • close the window

Access the Terminal Server

  • double-click 'EMS Terminal' under 'My Desktops'
  • a new space will open with a Windows login screen
  • login with your Bethel password
  • double-click the EMS desktop icon to start the Desktop Client


Connecting to the EMS Terminal Server

  • Using the Windows button, search for and open 'Remote Desktop Connection'
  • in the 'Computer' field, insert:
  • click Connect

  • Enter your Bethel username and password

  • If you get the following warning, click the "Don't ask me again..." checkbox and click Yes

Start EMS

  • When you get to the Windows desktop, click the EMS icon to launch the Desktop Client
  • The first time you launch EMS, you will have to enter the server and database information.
    • Server:\inst_e12
    • Database: ems
  • Contact to get setup with a UserID and Password

Closing the Session

  • when you are done using EMS, click on the Windows button and select 'Log off'