Main Campus Office: CC 426

651.638.6833 (800.255.8706, ext. 6833)

The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) at Bethel works to ensure access to the university and its programs for students, employees and guests with disabilities. They coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations, advocate for an accessible and hospitable learning environment, and promote self-determination on the part of the individuals they serve.

Reasonable accommodations include: adjustments to learning, testing, working or living environments to remove disability related barriers that impair functioning in those situations. Accommodations tailored to the specific manifestations of a student or employee’s disability allow that person equal access to information, facilities, programs, and ways to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and job proficiency. Reasonable accommodations may not compromise or fundamentally alter the essential requirements or objectives of a course, program, or work assignment.

To receive services through this program, students must provide documentation of a disability to OARS. Bethel University does not provide assessment to establish the existence of a disability. Further information about disability services is available online at An appointment may be scheduled to discuss your needs by contacting OARS at the number above.