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Adult students may order course books through MBS Direct, one of the largest distributors of used and new books in the nation. It maintains a list of Bethel courses and materials and has worked with Bethel to provide you free shipping. You can order your books online up to 30 days before a semester begins at or call 800.325.3252. Orders may also be faxed to 800.499.0143, using the order form found at on the home page, under Mail-in Order Form. Used books (both digital and rental), offered at a savings, may be available. Students may also choose to order their books through a different vendor.

Ordering Textbooks

  1. Access: Visit or enter through My.Bethel (must be a registered student). From My.Bethel home page → Tools & Resources → Textbook Orders
  2. Ordering: Once you are at the Bethel University Virtual Bookstore home page, complete the following steps:

We want your experience with ordering texts online to be a satisfactory process and encourage you to contact us at with any problems or concerns you may have using the virtual bookstore. It is important to note that neither CAPS and GS nor the Bethel Campus Store maintain a CAPS and GS textbook inventory, so all your book orders must be placed through the virtual bookstore or with another supplier of your choice. Order your books at least two weeks prior to your next class so you receive your texts in adequate time and will not have to pay additional shipping costs for priority shipping.