Any student struggling with difficult personal issues is encouraged to come to the Office of Student Life for help at any time.

If the issues result in violation of Bethel’s Covenant expectations or policies (for example, alcohol or drug dependency, premarital sexual activity, dishonesty), no disciplinary action will be taken when a student comes with a spirit of repentance and a desire for help. Student Life staff members will make themselves and their resources available as needed, providing appropriate guidance, support, and accountability rather than discipline. If the issues relate to criminal behaviors, there may be certain legal responsibilities placed upon the institution. Therefore, we cannot promise there will be no consequences. We will work with students to help them seek appropriate resolution, whatever that takes, on or off campus. If a student becomes incapacitated due to alcohol or drug overuse, is in need of medical attention due to alcohol or drug use, or becomes the victim of sexual misconduct while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, student witnesses are asked to contact emergency personnel at 911, the Office of Security and Safety at 651-638-6400, and a residence life staff member immediately in order to protect the health and well-being of the affected student. The individual needing medical attention and those with him or her will not be subject to disciplinary sanctions, but instead will be referred for help with issues related to their alcohol use/ abuse as needed. In addition, Student Life staff will work with the student to provide further support and accountability to strengthen their commitment to Bethel’s community Covenant and conduct expectations.

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