VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used when accessing information from off campus. For resources that require on-campus network connection – such as Argos and Banner – VPN will make your computer act as though it is on the Bethel network, protecting information you are accessing from the outside. This article gives instructions on installing VPN on macOS computers. For instructions on using VPN on Mac computers, refer to this article.

Installing VPN

  1. If you are ON campus, connect to Ethernet and navigate to in a browser.
  2. If you are OFF campus, navigate to in a browser.

  3. Login using your Bethel username and password.

  4. Click Continue to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.

  5. Select AnyConnect from the bar at the left hand side of the screen.


  6. Click Start AnyConnect

  7. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client will then go through a series of tests. A Warning window will pop up. Check the box next to I accept the risk and want to run this application. Click Run.

  8. Another Warning window will appear. Click Don't Block.

  9. This will start the downloading process.

  10. As VPN downloads, multiple windows will appear and disappear. When the download process is complete, your computer will connect to VPN.

Please note that if you are installing VPN on Bethel campus, you will not successfully connect to VPN until your computer is off the Bethel network.

For help using VPN, refer to this article.