If you have set up a recovery email address, you can use the steps below to recover a lost password or username through email. This system can be used by applicants, students, or alumni. For steps on how to set up a recovery email address, click here. This is only used for active Bethel Community Accounts. Applicants are unable to use this process.


  1. Go to IAM at
  2. On the log in screen, click Problems Logging In?

  3. From this view, you can choose if you would like to recover a username or password. If you choose to recover your username, it will ask you to enter your non-Bethel email.

  4. If you choose to recover your password, you will type in your username to the field shown.

  5. In the text, click the link entitled account recovery by email.

  6. A message will then appear confirming that your password was sent to the appropriate email address. If the account recovery email does not work, please call the Help Desk at 651.638.6500.