The following steps indicate how to create an alias of a home or department share (folder) on bsp-nas. This allows you to access your files without having to navigate through the Go menu and Connect to Server... each time you wish to connect to a certain share (folder) on bsp-nas. For information on how to access files on bsp-nas please reference the following KB article.


  1. Connect to the folder you wish to save.

  2. Once the desired directory has been located in the Finder hold down following key combination: command + option (or alt).

  3. While holding the above key combination select the appropriate folder and drag it to your desktop.

  4. Release the mouse button and the key combination to create the alias on your desktop.

  5. The alias icon that is created should have a arrow next to it. If the arrow is not there they the files were moved and an alias was not created. If this is the case please repeat steps 2-4.