The following steps indicate how to create your eduroam profile on Windows 7, 8 & 10 to connect to the WiFi. Why do this? An increasing number of campuses are using this eduroam service which means you can stay connected with WiFi on their campus with your eduroam profile! 

eduroam for Windows 7, 8 & 10

1. Open a new browser (this step-by-step was done on Chrome) and go to

2. Click Download your eduroam installer

3. The installer package is now downloaded, find and click it. (red arrow)
  Note: if the automatic installer does not work, click the Link (green arrow)
  Note: If using Chrome (as shown) the downloads go to the bottom. Internet Explorer has a popup window at bottom of page, click Open to access. Firefox will open a popup window, make sure the Open with is set to a default and click Ok.

4. Continue with the install until you need to enter username and password

5. Enter username and password.


Username is your Bethel username followed by ( In many cases this will be the same as your Bethel email, however, if you have set up an Email Alias to override the default email, this will NOT work for your eduroam profile and you will need to enter your username followed by ( The password is the same for any other Bethel login.


6. Click Install

7. Click Yes in the Security Warning window that pops up


8. Click finish to complete the download and installation of your eduroam profile.