Students who withdraw from classes at the College of Arts & Sciences during the term may be eligible for a refund. There are two types of refunds: billing refunds (tuition, room, meal plan, etc.) and financial aid refunds. A billing refund credits funds to the student's account, thereby decreasing the amount that is owed on the student account. A financial aid refund reduces the amount of financial aid available to pay the billing charges, thereby increasing the amount that is owed on the student account.

A student seeking to withdraw from all classes at Bethel must notify the Office of Student Life. This date of notification will serve as the student's withdrawal/stop-out date. The student will be provided with a packet of information regarding the withdrawal and stop-out processes and will be scheduled for a withdrawal/stop-out interview with one of the student life deans. Students are asked to read through all materials provided in the packet in advance of their interview with the dean. Once the interview is complete the dean will process the student;s withdrawal/stop-out.

Tuition and Housing Refund Schedules


Fall First Half and Spring First Half

Fall Second Half and Spring Second Half


Summer School Housing

(See summer housing agreement for housing refund policy and schedule.)

Summer Full Term and Term C

Summer Term A and Summer Term B

The Student Activity fee, course fees, science lab fees, and nursing department fees (if applicable) are refunded in full through the 100% refund period. Thereafter, there is no refund of the fees.

Students who withdraw from Bethel or drop below full time status may incur additional tuition and housing costs for Interim. Please see the "Student Costs" section of the College of Arts & Sciences catalog or contact the Bethel Business Office for additional information.

Students with a meal plan who officially withdraw or choose to cancel their meal plan must notify the Office of Campus Services. A student may receive a prorated refund of their meal plan.