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This policy is statement describing how Bethel Information Technology Services (ITS) provides network access in university residences for computers and devices.


  1. The primary method of connecting computers and other devices to Bethel’s network is WiFi.

  2. If computers or other devices are unable to connect to the Bethel network using WiFi, Bethel ITS will activate up to one port per person in a Bethel residence room, or suite, subject to the availability of network resources, upon filling out this request.

  3. If additional Ethernet connections are required then students may extend the network on Ethernet ports in their residences with network switches (Not routers). The network switches will only work if they are unmanaged. 

    Examples of appropriate network switches:

 Example one 5-port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch

Example two D-Link 5-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch