The following Knowledge Base articles will help you install network printers and answer questions about printing at Bethel University locations.

Installing the "Follow-Me-Printer"

The "Follow-Me-Printer", which allows you to print to one place and pick up the print job at any printer with a card scanner attached, is installed automatically on any Bethel owned computer.  If you want to install the printer on a personal computer, or you need to re-install the printer for some reason, follow the steps below for your device:


  1. Search and select Run and type "\\" into the field. Click OK to open location.

  2. If prompted, type in your username as bu\username and then your log in password in the password field. Select remember me and click Connect
  3. Double-Click on "Follow-Me-Printer" and wait for the install to complete.


  1. Download the DMG containing the installer using this link:  Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer.dmg
  2. Double-Click on the "Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer.dmg" file you downloaded to open it.

  3. Double-Click (control+click) on the "Bethel Follow-Me-Printer.pkg" file.
  4. Run through all the steps in the installer to complete the install.

If a Mac printing job says "Hold for Authentication", click the refresh circle on the right and re-enter your Bethel credentials. You do not need to include "" after your username. 

Direct Print Queues

Download an installer below if your printer has a direct print queue. Then follow steps 2-4 above.
You will have to authenticate with your Bethel credentials to download the installer. 

  1. Navigate to your printers and scanners. From there click the option to ‘add printer’ (it will be a ‘+’ symbol)
  2. A screen similar to the one above will appear. If you do NOT see the ‘Advanced’ tab, you will need to add it by right clicking (or control+click) an open area and selecting ‘customize toolbar’ from the list. Then drag the Advanced icon from the menu that pops up to your toolbar.
  3. Change your Type to ‘LPD/LPR Host or Printer’ as shown in the above image.
  4. The URL will look similar to the above but you will need to replace a few items based on our current setup.
  5. lpd://[Bethel username]@
    1. Replace [Bethel username] above with whatever you use to login to Bethel systems, minus the [] portion.
  6. Finally, the default name will be the IP address. Rename it to something more familiar like ‘Follow Me Printer’.


Note: Installing this printer for Linux requires that you have CUPS installed. If you don't have CUPS, or the printer install fails, please search for information about installing CUPS into your Linux distribution.

  1. Download the installer using this link:  Bethel
  2. Open a Terminal window, and type "sudo sh " (notice the space after "sh")
  3. Locate the downloaded file and drag it into the terminal window.
    - The result should be something like this:
      user@ubuntu:~$ sudo sh '/home/user/Downloads/Bethel'
  4. Hit "Enter", then enter your Linux account password.
  5. The printer should now be installed.

About Authentication in Linux

Depending on the application that you are printing from, the first time you try to print, a window may open asking you to authenticate.
In the authentication window, enter your Bethel credentials with your username in the form "bu\username", then enter your Bethel password.
- You may also choose to select the option to save the password for future printing.

If the authentication window does not show up, you may have the option to authenticate the print job from the print queue.
- Open the print queue.
- Right-click on the print job (It should have a status of "Held for Authentication").
- Choose Authenticate, and the authentication window will open. Enter your credentials as explained above.

If neither of these authentication options work when printing from your application, you can try printing from another application, or printing to a PDF file for printing from another system or from a PDF reader application. If you can get authentication to work in one application, and save your credentials, it will most likely work from any other application from that point on.


  1. Login to your email with your Bethel Google account.
  2. Email the document to

Mobile Device

  • To print from your mobile device email your print job to
    • If you email from your Bethel email address, your job will automatically be available to print once you login to a printer.
    • You are not allowed to print from a non-Bethel email address.

iOS - Personal Devices

  • Refer to the Mobile Device section above.

iOS - PrintCentral Pro (Bethel owned iPad's only)

PrintCentral Pro is a 3rd party application that allows iOS devices to print to Google Cloud print. Google Cloud print makes Follow-Me-Printer available as a printer if signed in with your Bethel account. For Bethel owned iPads, ITS can provide a license of PrintCentral Pro. To request a license, please email

Purchasing PrintCentral Pro

  1. Bethel provides PrintCentral Pro through a redeemable code. Once the code has been redeemed, it is under the ownership of the Apple ID that is signed into the device (and thus can be dowloaded onto other devices of that same person).
  2. After obtaining a code from the Help Desk, follow these instructions to purchase and download the app.

Configuring PrintCentral Pro 

  1. Open the app on your iPhone
  2. Use the Files option to open the Quick start.html file
  3. Press the print button in the upper right hand corner
  4. Select Google Cloud Print from the list of options
  5. Enter your Bethel email address and press connect
  6. Sign in with your Bethel account
  7. After allowing the app you should now see Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer@Google Cloud Printing in the list of printers

Printing to Follow-Me-Printer from PrintCentral Pro

  1. From the application you would like to print from choose the share buttoned select Print with PCL Pro
    1. The first time you print, you may need to add select More and add Print with PCL Pro to the list of options
  2. Make sure Bethel-Follow-Me-Printer is selected as the printer and press the print button.

Logging in to the Follow-Me-Printer

  • To release print jobs, scan, or copy, you will log in by scanning your Bethel ID card or by selecting AD Login on the screen and entering your Bethel username and password.

  • If you do not have your Bethel ID card with you, use the AD Login option to enter your Bethel username and password instead.

    • If your ID card shows up as a different name, you will need to go to Print Services (AC 3rd floor) to get your ID card configured properly for printing. 

Bethel ID Requirements

If you are unable to register your Bethel ID card for printing, it is likely that you do not have a proximity card. Most older, and some newer Bethel ID cards do not have proximity ability. Proximity cards have an HID logo on the backside upper right hand corner. If you do not have a proximity card, or if you need a replacement card, you can find more information here: Bethel ID Cards.

Important Facts

  • The default for all printing is Black & White, duplex (2-sided).
  • After logging in you will have the option to choose the appropriate cost center associated with your print job. For example, “personal” or department cost center. Currently this is for reporting purpose only.
  • Your unprinted jobs remain available for 72 hours.
  • For detailed information review the Bethel University User’s Print Guide located at

For support, please contact the Print Care Specialist at 651-635-8613 or

Installing Other Bethel Printers

To install a Bethel printer use the following articles for your type of computer, you will need to know the name of the printer you are wanting to print to. The name of the printer is located on a Bethel sticker on the front of the machine. The most common printers on campus are those located in the Computer Labs.

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