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The Office of Student Life is committed to helping students succeed in and out of the classroom. Staff assists students in their personal growth through mentoring conversations, prayer, and encouragement. In addition, they provide students with support through helping them problem solve, manage crises, and navigate circumstances that affect students’ academic and campus life. When student behavior causes concern, student Life staff respond in redemptive and restorative ways that help the individual and benefit the community.

Do you know a student who needs help? 

If you, or a student you know, is experiencing a difficult issue related to physical or emotional health, concerning behavior, or challenging circumstances, we encourage you to seek help for yourself or another student by contacting a staff member in the offices of Student Life, Residence Life, Campus Ministries, Counseling Services, Health Services and Academic Affairs. We are eager to provide resources and support to assist students in navigating difficulties and being successful in their academics and campus life. 

Policy Contact:

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