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All courses are pre-loaded. It is likely that you will have assignments and/or forum activities to complete before the first date of the course that is listed on your Academic Plan. Log in to your course in Moodle no later than one week in advance to see any upcoming tasks that you may need to complete on or before that first date.  Be sure to read each syllabus!

Students are accountable for all required work in each of their courses. They must assume full responsibility for class and clinical attendance and for coursework missed due to absence in a way satisfactory to the instructor. Since the purpose of class sessions or forum posts is to encourage not only individual learning, but also group interaction, absences can become a serious problem for both the individual and the group.

Due to the concentrated, accelerated nature of the programs and emphasis on participatory learning, all students are expected to complete every forum activity and/or attend every class session and clinical requirement as scheduled.

Students must contact the instructor as soon as possible in the event of absence due to illness or other emergency. Students are responsible for the content and activities of the class session, even if they were not in attendance. Under extreme circumstances, up to 20% of class time (equal to one class session in a face-to-face course, or one week of forum posts in an online course) may be excused when arranged with the instructor. If more than 20% of class time is missed, the student and the instructor must meet to discuss whether continuing the course is viable. Make-up work may be assigned by the instructor in the event of an absence. Individual instructors will determine to what degree absence and tardiness affect the class grade. 

At the discretion of the institution, lack of participation during the first two weeks of a course may result in an automatic course drop;  this may affect the financial aid award. Multiple and consecutive instances of course drops due to non-participation may lead to forfeiture of registration and an unofficial institutional withdrawal for the student.

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