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In fall 2009 Bethel University transitioned from manually maintained faculty listservs – the largest was known as CFaculty – to automated faculty listservs dedicated to all individuals with an instructional assignment in a given school. 

There are two types of listservs. The announce listservs are moderated by the academic offices and are intended for communication of items that are more of an official nature; the discuss listservs are not moderated, and are intended for more general announcements, as well as to facilitate discussions within the dedicated group. 

Current faculty listservs are as follows:

Inclusion in Bethel’s faculty announce and discuss listservs is an entitlement of the FACULTY and RECENT-FACULTY roles in our Identity and Access Management system.

There is currently no way to unsubscribe from a listserv that has automated membership. If you prefer not to see messages from this listserv, you can set up a filter on your email account.

Contact Tonia Rucker in the Office of the Provost (ext. 6370 or with questions.

Bethel E-Announcements is the primary venue for information that needs to reach the entire community.

Office of the Provost

Updated August 2, 2023